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There is value in doing hard things, at least I hope so

I’m not trying to sound melodramatic but Mariko and I have had this conversation a million-billion times. Christian and I have hadView full post »

Family Pictures 2015

My brother-in-law snapped some shots of us a couple weeks ago. Adam is so great! I love how he captures the light and the mood. If you areView full post »

When you hear “I love you” for the first time.

At 6:00 something in the morning Eliza said “mama, I uv you.” She had her jammies on, just the top, and her hair was a mess,View full post »

Update on my brain. The one that won’t shut up.

After work, I walked outside of my CA office and the sky was so beautiful. It made me want to walk around and dance and skip. But alas IView full post »

Visit Hawaii: Kahana River

We took Christian’s Christmas present out yesterday for a spin at Kahana river. It’s a five men inflatable boat. We packedView full post »

Making Dinner is an Inner Battle

I love feeding my family homemade meals I really honestly do. But, if I had a McDonalds or even better a Burger King by my house we wouldView full post »