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Redefining quality time is so much more productive than drowning in an Olympic size pool of mom guilt.

I’m thankful every day and every night and all the hours in between that Christian and I can provide for our children’sView full post »

Almost 6

In a couple of¬†weeks Maria will be 6 years old. I know it’s cliche but I feel like she’s growing up really fast. I recentlyView full post »

They are here now

Before I had kids I thought that I wanted to have a lot of kids. At one point I thought ten would be a good number. I obviously had noView full post »

Family Pictures 2015

My brother-in-law snapped some shots of us a couple weeks ago. Adam is so great! I love how he captures the light and the mood. If you areView full post »

Why I make my kids spend one on one time with each other

¬†Every day, sometimes to their dismay, I make my kids spend 10 minutes of one on one time with their siblings. I have this total mamaView full post »

When you hear “I love you” for the first time.

At 6:00 something in the morning Eliza said “mama, I uv you.” She had her jammies on, just the top, and her hair was a mess,View full post »

Update on my brain. The one that won’t shut up.

After work, I walked outside of my CA office and the sky was so beautiful. It made me want to walk around and dance and skip. But alas IView full post »

That One Time We Went to Kailua Beach and the Sky was Pink

For me the hardest part about being a parent is the constant feeling that I don’t have enough time with my kids, especiallyView full post »

Making Dinner is an Inner Battle

I love feeding my family homemade meals I really honestly do. But, if I had a McDonalds or even better a Burger King by my house we wouldView full post »

5 Ways to Help Your Child Stop Whining and Start Feeling Confident

I have a 5 year old daughter. Her name is Maria. She is creative and funny and full of emotions. Sometimes she whines, not becauseView full post »

We’re ok

I take pictures of my kids because I like to be reminded that there are moments, fleeting light-speed moments among the whining andView full post »