Hi, I’m Damaris but you can call me Dá

Da + Co is about me, and about my family, and how we strive to create a life of intent. This blog is also about you because you are the reason I write. It is you whom I talk to about my life and it is from you that I get feedback and the motivation to continue doing what I do.

So thank you.

To the moon and back, thank you!

I started a food blog in 2007 called Kitchen Corners. I kept that up consistently for five years and then not so consistently for the last two years. For my day job I work for a large ad network and am fortunate to work with bloggers every day. I love what I do and I love the blogging community. If you are a blogger thank you for sharing yourself with us, you are wonderful. If you are a reader, thank you for making this whole thing possible.

I too love blogging. It’s true that I am passionate about food but I am also passionate about other topics too, such as parenting, travel, sustainable living, and so many other. I am passionate about life and living and making each day count,  sounds like a cheesy pinterest quote I know but the truth is I am an eternal optimist.

I believe in people. I believe that we can do anything, not all at once, and most likely not fast, but we can do anything.

Right now I’m focusing my efforts in putting God first, in being gracious with my family, in making new friends and keeping old ones, and in enjoying this beautiful place I get to call home.

Right now we have three children. There are no words to describe them even though I spend countless hours blogging about them. The truth is that there are no words to describe the love and daily transformations they bring into our lives. They are everything. Little Enzo, Maria, and our baby Eliza.

My family is the most enjoyable part of my life. They are fun, adventurous, and they make me feel alive, even though I’m often very tired.

So, thank you for being kind and letting me share a little about my life with you. Thanks for giving me feedback on my eclectic blog. Thanks for being a part of my life.

xoxo, Da

copyright: Unless otherwise noted all pictures and text are my own.

Underwater cooking photo shoot by Mark Lee.

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